Thursday, September 24, 2015

3 years - 3 Years Ankleversary!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy 3 Year Ankleversary to me!!!

It's been exactly 3 years since I've broken my ankle! This year came even faster then last! Maybe because I've been more active this year.

I went from crutches, splint, cast, and surgery to a plate with 9 screws. Now back on my feet wearing wedge heels, hiking, yoga, and now biking! However, I am still unable to carry heavier items, standing still for 30 minutes straight, feeling the cold weather and rain come, and noticing random cramping in my leg closer to the ankle area. When I sleep now, I am still sensitive to laying on this ankle and so I don't. I am getting more use to laying on it but it is still an irritating feeling. 

                              Last Year                                                     Today


3 Years later, my right ankle scar looks not much different. Once in a while, the top of my scar area gets itchy. That's the collagen from my scar tissue doing some funny things on the ankle. I still haven't used Mederma (Scar removal cream suggested by my doctors) to remove my scar because I want to keep it as a memory and to tell my story. Like my last ankleversary, I consider myself still recovering. I am not completely 100% as expected. I would say I'm about a 98% today after a 48 minute workout at Lyon Street Steps. It was a nice day out, 75 degrees F to work out after work. 

I went to Big Sur for the first time to camp with some friends and did some hiking at Salmon Creek Falls Trail the first weekend of this month! It was so beautiful and relaxing. We hiked for a good 4 hours, about 6 miles worth of gravel, rocks, and uneven soil trails. I had no hiking poles or an ankle brace. By the end of the day my ankle was sore, and felt a bit achy and swollen. I definitely worked out my ankle. I tripped and fell twice, this time twisting my other ankle. Luckily my other ankle was fine, I wouldn't know what it would feel like to twist my right ankle with the metal inside. It makes me nervous to think about it. I may just retire from these types of hikes for a while or I'll need to make sure I wear an ankle brace next time for just in case. I did end the day walking with a very baby limp. But it was so much fun! 

Look how far I've come from just a year ago with the below picture of me hiking.

I'm so excited! Again, I still can't believe how fast time flew by and to remember what I went through. Since my healing has progressed this year, I've been in a life is short type of mood lately and want to be out and about doing everything I can when I can. On to continued healing and more adventures to come! To another better year of recovering!