Tuesday, April 16, 2019

6 years 7 months - Working out, Steps

Tuesday - April 16, 2019

Spring is here! Time for some outdoor workouts. I gotta change up some of my routine gym classes. Now that the rain is gone and the sunny warm weather is back, it's time to go back to my outdoor workouts. Steps! Enjoying the outdoor views of the city and working out is refreshing. Especially enjoying the fresh air. 

Fun Fact: Netflix TV series "The OA", Season 2 house is located at Vallejo and Taylor St. At the top of Filbert Street Steps. 

Lyon Street Steps

I feel like I am still out of shape every time I'm back at working out at these steps. My ankle feels fine. I don't run these steps, I just walk it. Once I get tired, I do feel the heat around my ankle. No pain, no limping, no pinching. Mostly just heat, possibly due to inflammation or overworking the ankle. I'll just have to continue working out gradually to make it stronger. I'm back at it!