Saturday, April 14, 2018

5 years 7 months - Hiked 12 miles and now my ankle has a pinch pain

Saturday - April 14, 2018

It was a perfect sunny day for a hike at Sweeney Ridge Trail! We had planned a 7.7 mile hike and it became a 12 mile total hike instead because we also headed to Mori Point! There were steep hills coming back up. I felt fine and tired. My ankle did feel a bit tired and no limp! Once I got home, I started feeling a random pinch pain whenever I took a step. I guess a 12 mile hike was a bit too long. It would've been better if we stuck with the original 7.7 mile hike. Time to rest up my ankle. I'm proud that I was able to walk about 22,000 steps without a brace or poles. Just trail hiking shoes! But more hikes to come!