Sunday, November 20, 2016

4 years 2 months - I can feel the rain coming!

Sunday - November 20, 2016

Rain all weekend! My ankle antennae tells me there's more rain! I can feel the throbbing. Not really a painful feeling but a quick pinch. These happen randomly for a quick few seconds and it startles me every time. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

4 years - 4 Years Ankleversary!

Saturday - September 24, 2016

Today's my 4 years Ankleversary! I just got back from vacation, an 18 hour flight from Cambodia. It was my first vacation where I walked a lot in tours. First day there, I was probably on my feet walking from about 5am since landing till 11pm. After about a few more days of nonstop walking, I'm noticing my ankles swelling. I've got cankles haha! It was spilling over my shoes at one point, it got so bad! 

The 3rd day, I decided to wear a brace and it backfired. I got heat rash! It didn't help that it was hot, in the 90s and humid. I was also noticably limping with some pinching sudden pain that scared me a bit. I almost buckled a few times and had to stop. Then again I was carrying pretty heavy luggage and walking a good distance with that weight. Ankle was also hot. Ice packing and elevating it helped! 

Good thing I brought some Salonpas patches to wear overnight. I also elevated it on a pillow to bring down the swelling.

By the last few days with some rest, my swelling and heat rash went away! However, my scar is itchy. I guess the heat activated my collagen around the scar that caused inflamation. Now I know I can't do long walking tours and carrying heavy things for a long distance. I also probably need better shoes. I had the lightweight Nike running shoes which I thought was enough but wasn't. I probably need better cushioning. Time to shop for new shoes! I am back to normal and ready for the next vacation!

Monday, August 22, 2016

3 years 11 months - I wore 2 inch stiletto heels for the first time and on grass!

Monday - August 22, 2016

I wore 2 inch stiletto heels and on grass for the first time! I went to a wedding yesterday and needed some shoes to match my dress. Found these 2 inches I had and wore it with no issues. Even in grass, I wasn't nervous at all. My heels even dug into the grass and I felt fine. Definitely progress! I was so happy! No pain! I may need to shop for more 2 inch heels!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

3 years 9 months - I get nervous every time I get a massage!

Thursday - June 30, 2016

The last time I went to get a foot massage was in Las Vegas from The Foot Spa located in Chinatown 2 months ago.

This was the 3rd time I've received a massage and every time I forwarn the person about my ankle surgery and show them the scar. People usually are very gentle around the area but I still tense up everytime they get to that ankle area. Sometimes they'd rub over the scar, and one person rubbed a bit too hard and it got a bit uncomfortable but not painful. One person massaged around the area and still I felt a bit of pressure when they got real close to the metal part. It's a weird pressure tight, and muscle tensing feeling. As if the nerves around the metal area feels like it's pulling against the bone. It's hard to explain really. Otherwise, the massage itself still feels good! It's a different person every time, so yes I'll get nervous every time haha.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

3 years 7 months - Back to cycling class since 2012!

Saturday - April 16, 2016

I took my first Soul Cycle class today since I broke my ankle in September 2012! I can't believe it's been that long since I last took a cycling class. I use to go to these twice a week at 24 Hour Fitness. I'm back and surprised I was able to hang in this 45 minutes class. I did quite a lot of walking afterwards too and feel the heat in my ankle. A bit sore but in a good way. No pain! I'm excited to be back and will continue cycling! It's such a great body workout, as well as for my ankle! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

3 years 6 months - I haven't walked to work in over 10 years!

Wednesday - March 30, 2016

It's been over 10 years since I last walked to work. It was a great first walk. I was actually tired, ankle was a bit tired too after the walk back. Sweating bullets too, speedwalking is a workout. I definitely need to wear my sneakers. I walked with sandals the other day, that was a bad idea. 

At least I get to burn some calories. I'll continue to walk as long as it doesn't rain! As I continue to walk to work, my ankle was getting less tired. Great exercise for the ankle indeed!

Monday, February 29, 2016

3 years 5 months - Only kind of stiletto heels I can wear for now...

Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year! Happy New Year! Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Another year has come. I continue to take Kick Boxing class and jumping jacks are getting easier. When I go out at night, I get dressed up and do miss wearing stiletto type heels. So many shoes I own I can't or not confident enough to wear still. I do continue to wear the wedged kind of heels. Then I found these cute stiletto 2 inch booties in my closet I forgot about. These I can defintely wear! Just because of the extra surrounding support around my feet. I wore them out all night this past Saturday and felt completely fine! It's not to high and it felt fine. The sides didnt irritate my ankle. I'll have to start shopping for more of these types of shoes! So happy! The progression continues.