Wednesday, November 28, 2018

6 years 2 months - Winter is coming! Trying to find the right boots!

Wednesday - November 28, 2018

Winter is coming! The arthritis randomly kicks in when it's cold and when it rains. I finally found the right type of shoes, booties, that fit my comfortably. Now that ankle boots are popular, the open ankle boots happen to be my favorite kind of boots! Extra thick heels, low inches, comfortable support! The thing I love most is the open ankle slit which does not rub against or lay on my incision scar area. I use to have ankle boots and hiking boots that is full ankle coverage but was uncomfortable because it rubbed against my ankle. I still have metal in there so the added pressure against it is very uncomfortable. Just the reason why I have quit snowboarding. Anything that is tightly snug against my ankle is not good. I feel pain, discomfort, and am unable to walk comfortably. Open ankle boots all the way! Now I have to shop for more styles! I'm noticing also, with large wedged heels, I can wear higher than 2 inches! But I'll stick to my 2 inch heels. That's the magic height. Time to go shopping! Definitely taking advantage of Black Friday sales! I've already bought 2 pairs of shoes!