Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 214 - First day back to running at my other usual spot, Lake Merced!

Saturday, June 22, 2013 - Week 37

I'm excited to be back at my other usual spot, Lake Merced! How I have missed this beautiful place to run. The lake, the dragon boats practicing, the animals sounds by the zoo, and the calm lake. For most of my run I stayed on the soil part of the trail. Still alternating with running and walking. still at a jogging pace. First time back to running uphills and downhills, and it tired me out. 



I realized, by 3 miles mark during my runs, I am very tired. This time, I did have a little baby limp towards the end of my run. So I walked the last mile back to my car. I also noticed my strides are getting longer and my speed is just a tiny bit faster too. I do feel like I am progressing, slowly. Thankfully no swelling and no pain! Just tired. Definitely a great workout today. Came home feeling sore, and I'm ready for more! I will give myself a few days to recover, then run again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 207 - Second time back at the track for a run.

Saturday, June 15, 2013 - Week 36

I'm back at Kezar for a second round of running on the track! Lots more people here this time. It was also a cold gloomy day too. I woke up very tired today and forced myself to come back here to run. 

I was definitely tired today. I felt slow, and heavy. Ran each lap and walked one corner. Still sweated waterfalls, but it felt so good with the cold air. Lost count and did about 13 laps, about 3 miles worth. I think my calves are close to 100%. You can still see the inside of my right ankle bruise from the dislocation and torn ligaments. Glad he didn't have to do surgery to reconnect my ligaments in that area as suggested at the time but found out it was not necessary. This is a weird forever bruise haha.

Another great workout! I was definitely feeling more exhausted then last time. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 204 - First day back to running at my usual spot, Crissy Fields!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - Week 36

Today marks exactly 8.5 months since the day of injury and I am back to running at my usual spot, Crissy Fields! My first time running on cement and soil! I have missed this beautiful view so much! I was sooo nervous and cautious but I felt fine! At the beginning, I start my run on cement as I usually do. I was very nervous my ankle wasn't able to handle it. I was not use to running on cement at all and felt very heavy. I got tired fast and did a lot of run then walk, and alternating every few minutes. It felt great to be there. It was a perfect sunny day, not cold, and not too many people running.

At the end of Fort Point is the turn around point, there's the Hopper's Hands I must give high fives to before turning back. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment that I have made it to the end.

My run back turns into a trail made of soil. I definitely felt the cushion and more comfort in each step. Near the end, there is a wooden bridge which I walked because it has so many uneven wooden boards. My end point is back to my car at the parking area in front of the beach and view of Alcatraz. 

I did it! One big circle! Ran/walked 3.43 miles in 51 minutes! It was a great day today! So happy to be back! I've waited long enough =)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 201 - Ran on a track for the first time!

Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Week 36

It has been about 3 weeks since I ran! And this time I tried running on a track! I was ready and so excited to. I am following my Running Progression homework the best I can. 

I went to Kezar Stadium to run. The last time I was here was back in High School 1999 for track meets! I was excited to be here! It would be the first time I ran outdoors.


I stayed for about an hour from 12-1pm. I lasted running continuously for about 2.5 laps before I started to feel tired. I stayed in lane 3 the entire run. Then every lap after, I ran 3/4 of the lap and walked a corner for the rest of my 10 laps. Ended with a walking lap cool down. That was about 3 miles of running without any issues! No pain or pinching at all! I was just tired because it was the first time back at running since 3 weeks ago. And oops, I sort of missed the run straight, walk corners as mentioned in the Running Progression sheet Colleen gave me. I felt strong and ok to run it all. It was very exciting to run through the corners.

I think I did pretty good. My running position seemed fine, not wobbly, no duck waddling either. I felt pretty good at a comfortable jogging pace. No strenuous, or fast running pace. The entire time I stayed on lane 3. Brought back a ton of memories running pass the areas where I high jumped, long jumped, running the 200, hurdles, and relay. I was so happy to be able to even run without any pain. I get to breathe that fresh air again and to back to running outside! Towards the end of the night, I started to feel sore on the legs and a bit achy. But not in pain! My ankle felt like it is swollen but it doesn't look swollen at all. I started to develop a tiny little limp towards the end of the day but it's not really noticeable. However, I do feel really tired right now. I am still using the Chinese medicine, Dit Da Jow, every night. It should get rid of any achy feeling by morning. It's time for bed. Good night!