Thursday, April 17, 2014

1 year 6 months - Now able to carry a 35lb bag of dog food!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

It was time to buy dog food again and this time I was able to carry a 35lb. bag back to my car! So happy! Felt like a great accomplishment haha. Before, I was only able to carry the 18lb. bag for a while. Even at the beginning it was a bit heavy for my ankle. This is still new to me so with the 35lb. bag it still took me slower than usual to walk back to my car just to be safe. Yes, it's still heavy for my ankle but I was actually comfortable enough to carry it back to my car from the store. I'd say it was about it was about 30 steps from the store to the car. It made me feel like I was back to my old self except that I do feel the pressure in my ankle whenever I carry heavy things. This made me think what if I had a handicap placard, then I wouldn't have to walk so far to another parking spot. I'll see if I feel even stronger months from now. I am still careful and not pushing myself too far. Happy!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

1 year 6 months - Vegas and Heels!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just got back from Las Vegas this past weekend. Wore my wedged heels 2 nights in a roll to celebrate 3 of my friends' birthdays! I made it through. I wasn't in pain but was tired after a few hours in heels. Had a great time and so happy! I think this was the fourth time I've worn these with this new ankle. I guess it's the safest for me to wear wedges only. 

Then I soaked in hot water and stretched. No swelling, or limping! Success! It was a great trip for my ankle! 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1 year 5 months - Yoga Class #3

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday! Good way to end the week with yoga to relax my mind.

This time a friend joined me. I pretty much sweat throughout the entire class again. My ankle is still with no pain. I must wear good shoes to prevent that. Since Monday's class, I haven't felt sore for more than a day. Mostly in my arms and surprisingly in my ankle.

However, I do notice that when I walk for long periods such as 30 minutes up to hours at a time, I will get tired and slowly start limping. I have been contemplating on asking my Surgeon for another Handicap Card. It would definitely make it easier on me if I had one. I just figured after about a year out of Physical Therapy I'd be more progressed than I thought. I'm so wrong, it really takes time for ankles to heal.

This time in class, in some positions when I do some twists with the body I can feel a tiny crack. The kind like how you would crack your knuckles. Tiny little pops but it didn't hurt! When I do these leg bearing moves like the Warrior III pose example below, I can't stand or balance for long.

I also had a bit of discomfort and lost a bit of balance holding the reverse warrior pose as well like the example below. I was shaky holding my bad ankle leg bent. Felt some pressure and tiny bit of tingling. I hope my strength and balance improves as I take more classes. I just bought another yoga deal from Groupon for Hot Yoga! Will do that once I'm done with this Groupon deal. I love it!