Sunday, November 5, 2017

5 years 2 months - Twisted my ankle...

Sunday - November 5, 2017

I forgot to write about this a few weeks ago. I don't quite know how I hurt my ankle, but I noticed for a few days I was not able to put weight on it. I noticed a tiny pinching feeling and buckling randomly a few times. 

I finally did it in when playing ping pong at work and stepped down and my ankle twisted in a weird twisting position. That night, I could not put weight on my ankle. It kept pinching and buckling. I almost needed my crutch. When lifting the foot up to stretch, I get this sharp pain. For about a week I wore my ankle brace which helped a bit. I also stopped working out to get some rest. Good thing I had a doctors appointment coming up for a general check up and by then I was feeling better by the day. It was not a fun two weeks. 

I had a bit of discomfort sleeping for a day or two. Elevated it for a few nights while sleeping helped. I just had to be careful with bearing weight on it and walking less. I finally got better and back to my old self. I need to be more careful.