Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 years 4 months - Happy New Year! I hiked Koko Head!

Tuesday - January 9, 2018

Happy New Year! 

I just got back from spending new years with my friends in Hawaii! I had such a great time, minus catching the nasty cold that's been going around. 

I went on one hike called the Koko Head, my first time hiking this with the hardware in my ankle. I was nervous but ambitious. I was curious how I felt afterwards. The steep upwards uneven steps was never ending. I had no problem going up. 

I finally made it to the top without issues! No pain! No soreness! No problem! I felt so accomplished and happy I made it! Even better, my ankle was happy! From 100 to 1000 steps! It took about an hour with my slow pace and many breaks for the view and water. 

After a break at the top, coming down was a different story. The steps were big, steep, and uneven. My legs were tired. Jello legs. At the beginning I started out with my right foot stepping down. The pressing stepping down was a bit much. It started to pinch at the wrong angles when I stepped down. Then my body weight was adding to the stress on my ankle while stepping/hopping down. Some parts of it I even had to crawl down because the steps were too far. It then got a bit too much. I changed sides and had to step down with my left foot first. By the time I reached the end, I started to limp a tiny bit because of the soreness. I wasn't in pain though. Just tired and the few times I felt the pinch pain while stepping down with my right ankle. My foot wasn't meant to bend that way stepping down with the hardware on. It felt awkward. However, I did it! I'd do it again! Probably once I'm in better shape. I'm more aware now how I step with the hardware in my ankle. I love hiking and it's always been a challenge to get back to it. But it is the greatest workout to stretch out my ankle! I love it! I look forward to my next hike! 

Happy 2018!