Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 7 - First Physical Therapy Session

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 - Week 9

I can't believe it has been a week since my cast came off! After 2 days of waiting, the Wellness Center finally called me today to come in for my first Physical Therapy appointment! I got in at 12:45 and was scheduled in there for an hour session. Everyone seemed very nice and attentive. I met my Physical Therapist Colleen and told her I was very nervous. She brought me into my room and started with the evaluation. She was very nice as well. She asked me some questions about my health and about the injury and explained to me well what she will be doing. Then some measurements were made of my ankle to compare it to the other ankle and had me stand to see how much weight I can put on it. Next, she said we'll be entering the gym area just behind that other door in the room to have me crutch from one end of the room to the next. When I saw the gym they had, I was amazed how big and the amount of equipment they had! It was exciting to see all this. At the other end of the room, I noticed a door with a sign leading to the pool. 

After her review of me walking on crutches from one end of the room and back to her, she said I have a very good prognosis. We headed back to our room and she created goals for me to reach for and will construct exercises to accommodate how I am feeling in my progress. It looks like I will need about 3 months of Physical Therapy, we'll see how well I do. After about a month, she may have me start running in the pool. Exciting news! I'm not in pain and well on my way to recovery. She then taught me a few more exercises I needed to do at home and continue coming in twice a week for a month, and later down to once a week. Then she massaged my leg muscles and foot to activate my muscles and nerves. That felt realllly good haha. My chicken leg would take about 8 weeks to rebuild all the muscles. Seems so long. I have to be diligent with my homework to see progress. Before letting me go, she had me go back out to the gym area and cycle for 10 minutes with no resistance. So far so good, no pain, just pressure on the foot since the muscles haven't been used. And she sends me off to schedule in the rest of my appointments! Sounded like it was a great first session!

I get home to take a shower and more dead skin comes off! I am feeling a bit sore from Physical Therapy and no pain. It was a good day. My surgical incision is healing nicely Colleen had said. I'm just waiting for that one more layer of dead dry blood to fall off. My skin is looking better and less dry. The new skin feels so soft and gentle, like baby skin. I still have a bit of a rash from the irritated spots where the scabs were. I'm almost there!

The inside of my ankle is still a bit bruised from the dislocation. I still have a bit of sensitive skin as well as you can see the little red bumps on my leg. It is looking better by the day though. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 5 - Dead Skin is falling off!

Monday, Nov. 26, 2012 - Week 9

I just got out of the shower and see that more of the dead skin and scabs continue to fall off! The burning sensation is also gone! I thought that would never end, got me scared. It's looking better every day it passes. This is without lotion on. Still you can see some dryness. A good layer of the dead skin on the top of my foot has fallen off. My surgical incision is looking better by the day! I'm just waiting for the dried blood still left to fall off. My skin still feels very sensitive and thin. The area with a bit of a rash is looking less red and inflamed. More of the dead skin on that area has also fallen off. I am also able to stand without crutches! I can support myself up on the balls of my feet. I still am not fully able to place full weight on the foot. I can place some weight on the heel and the balls of my foot but not then entire foot down. I still have some swelling and pressure when I do place my foot down. I am also not able to bend my foot with toes all the way up. The top arch is still stiff and I am massaging it everything and slowly assisting the bending with my hands to get my muscles use to bending again. I did make a call to try to get my first appointment in for Physical Therapy but all it was was an answering machine. I will wait 'til tomorrow for them to call back.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 4 - Very swollen and red

Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012 - Week 8

I just got back from dinner at a friends house nearby and not having to elevate my foot for just a few hours it swelled up pretty good! I read that swelling does continue even out of the cast. I just wonder how long it will swell for. There's also a darker color on my entire foot. I've got cankles haha!

My surgical incision is also looking better. Not as scary as the first day, the scabs are starting to fall off and my new skin is coming in. My skin is healing but still it feels very sensitive. It also gets very itchy from the dead skin that hasn't fallen off yet. I continue to put lotion on it so it stays moist and not crack. I think it started to rash a little from the premature peeling of the scabs. Bad idea! Also when I take a shower, I rub off the dead skin, that added to the redness and irritated the new sensitive skin. I am able to place my foot on the floor but I can't fully place weight on it. I can place some weight on the balls of my foot and a bit of the heel. Just not complete weight on the entire foot because the swelling causes so much pressure. It feels like a balloon about to explode at times. I sometimes still l have some spasms when I angle my leg a certain way in the air. I am getting close to finding a Physical Therapist. I can't wait to start! I see progress! Sorry for the gross pictures! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 1 - Out of my ankle cast

Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012 - Week 8

It feels great to not have this cast weight on my ankle. Showering felt sooo good. I was able to clean off all of the dead skin. My skin feels so sensitive. Some more of the scabs fell off. As you can see there is also a lot of atrophy on the right calf.

I'll continue to lotion my leg until the dead skin falls off. There's still swelling on my ankle. I also continue to feel the burning on my heel. I hope this burning sensation goes away. 

Cast Removal Day!

Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012 - Week 8

I have never been more excited! The cast comes off today! I can't believe it has been about 2 months in this thing!

I finally arrive at Dr. Lundy's office at 8:30am. It was a short wait and never been more ready to get this cast off of me. Dr. Lundy comes in and so we start. He explained the saw would not hurt the skin because it moves back and forth to cut. He makes an incision to the left and another to the right and a clamp to remove the cast! It's really coming off! Goodbye to the sweet and kind art on my cast from my friends!

Freedom! It feels so good to have air against my leg. It feels stiff from being restricted in a cast for so long. It's gotten so small, hairy, dark, and so dry and scabby.  Surprisingly it doesn't smell.

Embrace yourself for the video...

On the other side of my ankle was where the torn ligaments are from my dislocated ankle. Dr. Lundy planned on opening up to reconnect my ligaments but didn't have to. He said he would know what to do once he opens me up to see what's happening. Xrays also show that I didn't need any work done. So he left it alone to heal on its own. Phew!

Next thing is the removal of my dressing. There is a lot of dead skin and scabs around the area. I was ready to see my surgical incision. I was also very nervous at the same time. At this point, my ankle has been twitching randomly. I guess it's because it's not being supported anymore and the muscles have some movement again.

I'm sorry for the gross image. When Dr. Lundy removed the dressing, a bit of it stuck to my surgical incision and made it bleed just a bit. As you can see, my skin is really raw and sensitive. The darker color is the dead skin and from the iodine used just before going into surgery. I am ready for a shower! I can shower but can't bathe the foot. As for now, I have to keep an eye on my incision and make sure it's healing.

Instead of the boot I was said to get, I got an ankle brace! I can wear shoes! That's if it fits haha. One more trip to get xrays and I am free to go! 

Half of my journey is over. It's time to start my search for a Physical Therapist to go in twice a week as prescribed. On to getting back on my feet! I'll be back in 6 weeks for another followup on January 4. I look forward to the new year!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1 more week in this cast!

Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 - Week 7

Time is really flying by! Only 1 more week left and this cast finally comes off!

I feel good today, no numbing weirdness or burning feeling. I had a good night of sleep. It still gets a bit itchy and I can see and feel the dead skin inside! It's so gross! My leg really shrunk! I can almost stick my entire hand inside my cast! I bet my calf will be the size of my arm. I'm very anxious to see my scar too. Fortunately, I haven't felt anything that's completely bothering me yet on the surgical area. I'll continue to wiggle my toes to get some sort of movement. Counting down to this final week! Oooh I can't wait! So happy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Burning sensation inside my cast...

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 - Week 6

Obama has been re-elected!

Exactly 2 more weeks and the cast comes off! I am sooo excited!

I am beginning to feel this strange burning sensation on my heel inside my cast. It comes and goes. I can now move my toes more, not as much often spasms. I still feel some pressure on the top of my foot. There is even more room now inside my cast. I remember mentioning this in my last Follow up and Dr. Lundy said it was normal. The muscles aren't being used and it's just not happy. It could be that it's too tight too but it seemed like there was enough room in the cast. I've also asked my nurse friend and he said the same.

Getting so close to the end of this cast. I'm ready to clean my leg! I can't wait!

Very swollen toes and discomfort...

Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 - Week 5

It's already November! It has been 5 weeks already! Wow time flies! I'm just itching to get this cast off now. It's getting close! Wednesday, Nov. 21 is in sight! 

For the past 3 Fridays, I've been going into work. Coworkers are so nice and helpful. Got some more art on the cast as well. It makes me happy to see so much fun art haha. So after work, I went to my friends birthday dinner and by the end of the night, my toes have swollen up to a point I was not able to even move them! It was sooo uncomfortable! I almost had to take a pain med but made it home to elevate it to relieve the discomfort. 

I have to start getting use to this. It'll be another early night for me to fall asleep by 11:30 because crutching around all day and not much elevation really drains me good.

Another Follow Up Appointment

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 - Week 4

I'm excited to go in to hear and see my progress!

I am feeling better by the day. The first thing I did was go straight to get xrays. It was getting festive in the xray department with the Halloween orange and black colored decorations. Also had the Giants game on. Going for the World Series!

Finally got my xrays, went back to Dr. Lundy's office to review it. I had to tell him about my slip yesterday and the new itchiness. He took a look at the xrays and printed me another copy of them. It looked exactly the same as before with no change. Just keeping an eye on the other ankle to make sure there's no gap for the ligaments to heal. That's pretty much why I am in a cast longer so that the ligaments and ankle has no movement for it to heal properly. Luckily everything looked good and I'm healing well! He said to see him back in a month to get the cast off! Next will be the walking boot and Physical Therapy. He also mentioned that if I do travel or go anywhere, please carry along some pain meds because it may hurt or have a lot of discomfort! Just in case. YAY Progress!

Counting down the days...

Slipped and fell...

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012 - Week 4

I slipped and fell in the bathroom! I was completely tramatized! After getting out of the shower, I took off the garbage bags off my cast and the water dripped off the bags and wet the floor. I hopped up to get up from my stool while holding on to my crutches and the rubber just didn't grip the floor well. Then I slipped to the right! First thing I did of course naturally was place my right foot on the floor, and quickly realized Oh Noooo and let go to a fall. I only placed my toes but I felt the immense pressure on the ankle when placing that foot down. I got sooo scared. I tried to place my arm onto the sink but the sink was also slippery and wet and slipped off that while falling. Bumped my head onto the shower door and breaking apart the door and rubber that was holding it down. Bam! There goe's my right hip to the ground. Glad I wasn't really hurt. The cast really protects well. However, I have a huge 3-4 inch bruise on my hip to show for. I was so worried I may have moved my ankle. Good thing I go in tomorrow for another follow up and xray with Dr. Lundy.

So tramatizing! I have to be more careful!

Getting very itchy...

Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 - Week 4

It is starting to get verrry itchy inside my cast! I can feel my leg getting smaller. I can actually stick all of my fingers into my cast. It was a bad idea to scratch because I can feel how sensitive my skin is inside. There's tiny little bumps and a lot of dead skin. All I could do is fan some cold air through. It finally felt better... I thought I was starting to get a rash but by the next day I was completely fine. The bottom of my foot/toes is sooo dry. All I can do is wipe it down and put lotion on it.

Art on my cast

Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 - Week 3

Here's the start of some art on my cast.

I got my handicap parking placard!

Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 - Week 3

I got my handicap placard!

I went to DMV, got to sit in the front row Handicap seating, and was called to the stand after about a 30 minute wait. I come to the stand and it turns out to be someone I haven't seen since graduating Highschool! What a nice reunion! It costed me $6 and got a 6 month Handicap Placard. Now everyone want's to borrow me to go out just for some good parking haha.

It's been a life saver! I'm so happy =)