Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 249 - Ankle swelled up for the first time...while vacationing in Hawaii!

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - Week 42

I'm back! This is the longest I've gone without writing! It's been a good 3 weeks since my last post. I went to Oahu + Maui for 12 days for a vacation, my birthday, and for a good friends' wedding! I was a bridesmaid! It was a great trip and I didn't want to come back! I can't believe my 10 month mark just hit 3 days ago! 

I was really nervous to wear heels for the wedding. Especially walking down the aisle on grass! But these grass heel stoppers saved me from tripping or digging into the grass! I also took an 800 mg of ibuprofen prior to my long day of wearing heels and it truly saved me from any sort of soreness or pain. 

I did my very first hike since my injury up Koko Head and I felt completely fine. It looked like a long ways up and I didn't know what to expect and was a bit nervous how my ankle would take it. I've done this hike once before and I knew it would take a lot of strength to get up those ginormous steps. It is nothing like the Stairmaster at all. It's much harder and it burns!

But on my way down, I definitely felt a bit of pressure and soreness. Because the steps were so high and far apart, it was safer to just go down on my stronger left leg. If I take the first step with my right, I can definitely feel the pressure tingling up to my calf. Because of the huge step I take, it feels like I am stomping into my step. With my entire body weight, I actually felt a tiny pinch which wasn't good. Felt like a quick sharp pain. About half way down, my legs were starting to feel week and it started to tremble. I was using too much of my left leg as my weight support for each step down. Glad I took an Advil before the hike. I was noticeably slower and sort of limping by the time I got to the bottom. Great views of the city! I made it down safely is all that matters. I wasn't too slow either so I felt great! I was pretty sore after that hike and I'd be happy to do it again someday whenever I go back. So happy I was ok! I'm ready for more hikes in the future! 

Over the week long of a lot of walking, my ankles swelled up for the first time! I had cankles! 

I definitely felt tired and sore but not in pain! I was also getting very tan and it looked like my scar area was getting red. I guess the skin on the scar is still sensitive. Then it eventually tanned and blended into my skin color. Ahhh I miss Hawaii! I had too much fun! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 226 - Sore from cleaning...

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - Week 39

Happy 4th of July!

The weather was perfect today! It was very sunny and it felt great to have a day off! I spent about 5 hours cleaning my kitchen, and standing for that long wasn't good for my ankle =( . After a day of cleaning, I went over to celebrate 4th of July at a friends house and noticed my ankle was verrrry sore and tired. Next time, no more standing for that long period of time! 

At least I got to see some fireworks!

Day 221 - Second day back to running at Lake Merced!

Saturday, June 29, 2013 - Week 38

This time, I chose to run later in the evening. It was a very hot day. I did the usual run then walk for every few minutes. Definitely less people running at around dinner time. I felt a bit tired today and again by mile 3 I feel spent. For some reason, this time my ankle felt like there was more pressure and a tiny bit of pinching towards the end of my run. I think it could have been because I walked from home to the lake. My ankle definitely felt a little strained and very tired. I walked the last mile and then to add to that, walked back home which was about another 15 minutes. I had a tiny baby limp going on. 

I waited a week to write this because I was actually really sore for a few days and was limping. The soreness lasted until Tuesday, July 2. and I had a noticeable baby limp to add to that. Maybe I should cool off on running and walking so much all at once. I should just stick to stationary cycling and run for shorter distances in the future. Surprisingly, I have never really gotten any swollen ankles from all the time's I have been sore or feeling a little strained and tired from walking/running so much. Ankle's are still the same. I really do wonder now if it has anything to do with using my chinese medicine practically everyday. If so, Dit Da Jow really works!

Oh, ignore the pace haha. I ran out of batteries and I guess it continued to record my pace after recharging.