Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1 year 5 months - Yoga Class #2

Monday, March 24, 2014 

I am back for more yoga! My second class! I was still sore from Friday's class and now 2 days after my second class I feel less sore. This time there were more people in a Monday class. About 15 people this time. Lucky I got there early for a space in the back.

I absolutely had no balance today nor any strength to hold my weight on my right ankle long enough for a pose. The tree pose like the example below I could not even do today. 

The warrior #3 pose in the example below was also difficult for me. I held this for maybe 10 seconds at most. I was very shaky and felt tired. No balance for this one as well. 

I'll see how yoga class #3 will be for this Friday. I look forward to it!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1 year 5 months - First time back at Yoga!

Friday, March 21, 2014 

My first Yoga class since I broke my ankle! I took a picture of my scar, the very bottom was itchy last night. A little bit of the scar part was raised where it was itchy. I was told this would happen once in a while and that it was normal. I had dry legs, got a bit of a tan too. Looks uneven and dirty haha. I swear my legs were clean.

I went to my 5:30 pm class and met my teacher with the best name ever! Bija Pretzel! Love it! She was very kind and welcoming. I also got a new yoga mat my mom gave me. It looks really pretty and so different from the usual yoga mats I've owned before. 

This was a Level I-II class, where I can return to the fundamentals of yoga.  I was most nervous about the balancing poses. I can't completely cross my legs comfortably anymore, my ankle feels like it's still a bit stiff to bend all the way down where the ankle meets the floor. I definitely feel the metal against the ground and it wasn't comfortable. Probably still not use to it. I sat like this example picture but my right leg was slightly higher and off the ground. 

I was surprised I was able to hold a bit of balance when I did the tree pose like the example image below. I was feeling ok with the weight baring. Except that my foot was more on the knee area and not as high up the leg to hold this position. I did get a bit wobbly. It took a lot of concentration. 

The one legged stand was the most difficult for me to balance. I couldn't hold it for too long and my body started to feel heavy on the ankle. Example of this pose below. For the most part, I felt great! I can't wait to go back for my next class. I hope to gain more balance by the end of my 20 classes from this Groupon deal I purchased. I'll be sure to have more updates soon after my next classes. So relaxing!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

1 year 5 months - Ft. Funston Doggy Play Date

Saturday, March 15, 2014 

Back to Ft. Funston for the 4th time for a doggy play date! Met up a coworker with his dog Mochi for a fun day at the park with Pebbles!

It was a perfect sunny day, 72 degrees out. I can't believe the last time I was at Ft. Funston was on May 24, 2013! You can read about the last time I visited here

I feel so bad for Pebbles, it's been so long since I last brought her to her dog heaven to play. The last time I went I got really sore so I stopped going and wanted to wait til I felt stronger. This time, I walked from home and even did some jogging on Lake Merced on my way to Ft. Funston. You can read more about the last time I was there for a run June 29, 2013. It was too early to run on cement then so I've stopped running there. You can see the running path across the streets where the cars are in the picture behind Pebbles.

I definitely felt stronger and more balanced while walking on sand. No weird pinching and ankle twisting! Sooo happy! Walked for 2 hours with Pebbles friend Mochi. 

Here's a video of my day with Pebbles at Ft. Funston. I continue to Progress and feel stronger. Extremely happy and looking forward to what's next!