Sunday, September 25, 2016

4 years - 4 Years Ankleversary!

Saturday - September 24, 2016

Today's my 4 years Ankleversary! I just got back from vacation, an 18 hour flight from Cambodia. It was my first vacation where I walked a lot in tours. First day there, I was probably on my feet walking from about 5am since landing till 11pm. After about a few more days of nonstop walking, I'm noticing my ankles swelling. I've got cankles haha! It was spilling over my shoes at one point, it got so bad! 

The 3rd day, I decided to wear a brace and it backfired. I got heat rash! It didn't help that it was hot, in the 90s and humid. I was also noticably limping with some pinching sudden pain that scared me a bit. I almost buckled a few times and had to stop. Then again I was carrying pretty heavy luggage and walking a good distance with that weight. Ankle was also hot. Ice packing and elevating it helped! 

Good thing I brought some Salonpas patches to wear overnight. I also elevated it on a pillow to bring down the swelling.

By the last few days with some rest, my swelling and heat rash went away! However, my scar is itchy. I guess the heat activated my collagen around the scar that caused inflamation. Now I know I can't do long walking tours and carrying heavy things for a long distance. I also probably need better shoes. I had the lightweight Nike running shoes which I thought was enough but wasn't. I probably need better cushioning. Time to shop for new shoes! I am back to normal and ready for the next vacation!