Tuesday, September 25, 2018

6 years - Ankleversary!

Monday - September 24, 2018

It's my 6th year Ankleversary! 

I'm doing great! I just came back from a weekend spent in Napa. I went hiking on trails, wore my hiking trail shoes and did just fine. I get the occasional arthritis from the cold weather and rain still. Sometimes when I walk for too long, I do get tired and achy. 

My scar is the same. I haven't used any scar medication to cover it up. I wear it proudly. I don't swell up anymore. I do get tired after very very long walks. Long hikes meaning 3+ hours worth of walking. Sometimes I'll get a tiny itch at the very bottom of my scar, I guess the collagen there still gets inflamed every so often. I do feel the arthritis kick in during cold weather, rain and when rain is about to begin. Fun random spasms also still happen, not often. To this day, I still think about removing the hardware but won't dare to get surgery again if I don't need it or feel any pain. I can live without 3 inch stilettos. 2 inch heals are as high as I go unless I am wearing thick or wedged heels for that additional support. 

I continue to go to the gym to attend Cycle class, Body Combat class, Zumba Strong class, and use the elliptical machine. 

I debated this year on joining a 5k run but backed out. I know I can't run, it's uncomfortable for me. I still choose not to run to avoid any type of stress or injury. I also haven't joined any competitive sports since. I go to Costco to help my family buy rice and carrying a 25 lb. bag of rice up a flight of stairs is getting better. I'm still working on strengthening my ankle doing more walking and hiking. My Fitbit motivates me. I haven't had to wear a brace for a while now.

Maybe I'll be more brave this year and will try something new. Updates to come!