Tuesday, April 16, 2019

6 years 7 months - Working out, Steps

Tuesday - April 16, 2019

Spring is here! Time for some outdoor workouts. I gotta change up some of my routine gym classes. Now that the rain is gone and the sunny warm weather is back, it's time to go back to my outdoor workouts. Steps! Enjoying the outdoor views of the city and working out is refreshing. Especially enjoying the fresh air. 

Fun Fact: Netflix TV series "The OA", Season 2 house is located at Vallejo and Taylor St. At the top of Filbert Street Steps. 

Lyon Street Steps

I feel like I am still out of shape every time I'm back at working out at these steps. My ankle feels fine. I don't run these steps, I just walk it. Once I get tired, I do feel the heat around my ankle. No pain, no limping, no pinching. Mostly just heat, possibly due to inflammation or overworking the ankle. I'll just have to continue working out gradually to make it stronger. I'm back at it!

Friday, January 4, 2019

6 years 4 months - Snow!

Friday - January 4, 2019

Happy New Year! 

I went up to Reno for the weekend and went Snowmobiling!

Since I can't snowboard anymore, because I can't wear the boot and maneuver comfortably, I tried Snowmobiling! It was my first time too! I wore my own boots with a soft surface around my ankle and it felt fine. Just the cold gave me a bit of arthritis but other than that, I can walk fine, with no pain! I didn't have to use my foot for anything. Ankle in snow and cold weather was fine! It was so much fun! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

6 years 2 months - Winter is coming! Trying to find the right boots!

Wednesday - November 28, 2018

Winter is coming! The arthritis randomly kicks in when it's cold and when it rains. I finally found the right type of shoes, booties, that fit my comfortably. Now that ankle boots are popular, the open ankle boots happen to be my favorite kind of boots! Extra thick heels, low inches, comfortable support! The thing I love most is the open ankle slit which does not rub against or lay on my incision scar area. I use to have ankle boots and hiking boots that is full ankle coverage but was uncomfortable because it rubbed against my ankle. I still have metal in there so the added pressure against it is very uncomfortable. Just the reason why I have quit snowboarding. Anything that is tightly snug against my ankle is not good. I feel pain, discomfort, and am unable to walk comfortably. Open ankle boots all the way! Now I have to shop for more styles! I'm noticing also, with large wedged heels, I can wear higher than 2 inches! But I'll stick to my 2 inch heels. That's the magic height. Time to go shopping! Definitely taking advantage of Black Friday sales! I've already bought 2 pairs of shoes! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

6 years - Ankleversary!

Monday - September 24, 2018

It's my 6th year Ankleversary! 

I'm doing great! I just came back from a weekend spent in Napa. I went hiking on trails, wore my hiking trail shoes and did just fine. I get the occasional arthritis from the cold weather and rain still. Sometimes when I walk for too long, I do get tired and achy. 

My scar is the same. I haven't used any scar medication to cover it up. I wear it proudly. I don't swell up anymore. I do get tired after very very long walks. Long hikes meaning 3+ hours worth of walking. Sometimes I'll get a tiny itch at the very bottom of my scar, I guess the collagen there still gets inflamed every so often. I do feel the arthritis kick in during cold weather, rain and when rain is about to begin. Fun random spasms also still happen, not often. To this day, I still think about removing the hardware but won't dare to get surgery again if I don't need it or feel any pain. I can live without 3 inch stilettos. 2 inch heals are as high as I go unless I am wearing thick or wedged heels for that additional support. 

I continue to go to the gym to attend Cycle class, Body Combat class, Zumba Strong class, and use the elliptical machine. 

I debated this year on joining a 5k run but backed out. I know I can't run, it's uncomfortable for me. I still choose not to run to avoid any type of stress or injury. I also haven't joined any competitive sports since. I go to Costco to help my family buy rice and carrying a 25 lb. bag of rice up a flight of stairs is getting better. I'm still working on strengthening my ankle doing more walking and hiking. My Fitbit motivates me. I haven't had to wear a brace for a while now.

Maybe I'll be more brave this year and will try something new. Updates to come! 

Friday, August 3, 2018

5 years 11 months - Walked around Lake Merced, ~4.5 miles and sore ankle after

Friday - August 3, 2018

Happy Friday! 

I went for an after work walk with friends around Lake Merced. It was about 4.5 miles around the lake. Then entire trail around the lake was cement. After the walk, I did feel a little sore in the ankle. The last time I came here was when I tried running it and that was a bad idea. I've retired from running. Walking this lake going forward. No limping, success!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

5 years 7 months - Hiked 12 miles and now my ankle has a pinch pain

Saturday - April 14, 2018

It was a perfect sunny day for a hike at Sweeney Ridge Trail! We had planned a 7.7 mile hike and it became a 12 mile total hike instead because we also headed to Mori Point! There were steep hills coming back up. I felt fine and tired. My ankle did feel a bit tired and no limp! Once I got home, I started feeling a random pinch pain whenever I took a step. I guess a 12 mile hike was a bit too long. It would've been better if we stuck with the original 7.7 mile hike. Time to rest up my ankle. I'm proud that I was able to walk about 22,000 steps without a brace or poles. Just trail hiking shoes! But more hikes to come! 

Monday, March 5, 2018

5 years 6 months - Weekly Body Combat Class, I sometimes hold back on my jump kicks.

Monday - March 5, 2018

I love my weekly Body Combat classes! It's a great workout for the entire body. However, there are parts of the class where you do air kicks, jump kicks, jumping jacks, and side planks. I find myself still having trouble balancing on my right ankle/foot when holding a kick stance. Sometimes I can hold it when I focus, but other times I can't and topple over. I can definitely feel the pressure on my ankle after using it so much throughout the class. When it comes to jumping jacks, knee highs, and jump kicks I either do a baby jump or I hold back and stay on the ground to do a squat as an alternative move to jumping. The pressure of landing on my ankle with all of my weight feels straining. Sometimes I will get a sharp pinch when I land from a jump, or a quick pressure pain. It's uncomfortable when I do land or lean towards the outside of my ankle and that's when it gets painful. My ankle doesn't bend that way. So this is the downside with certain exercises for me me where I get a bit nervous jumping. I'm still nervous about twisting an ankle. But it doesn't stop me from trying and continuing my work to make my ankle stronger.