Monday, June 12, 2017

4 years 9 months - Back from my Asia vacation and didn't get cankles this time!

Monday - June 12, 2017

I'm back from my 2 weeks Asia vacation! Went to Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo Japan, Osaka, Kyoto, Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay! Walked over 10+ hrs a few days and no swelling in the ankle!

I bought these new Nike Air Max Motion shoes just for the trip. Last year, I had a pretty flat running shoe bottom. It was no good, no support for walking many hours. This year, I was thinking what if I got something with an air bubble. It's gotta give me some support and extra cusion. Even the inner shoe pads had a ribbed cushion. Most comfortable shoes I've purchased so far! They lasted all day for me and I loved it! No cankles, no pain! I was a happy traveler! I'm now looking at investing in an entire air bubble bottom shoe haha.