Thursday, June 5, 2014

1 year 8 months - Got an MRI today

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I had an appointment for an MRI this morning at 8:40am. I went back to the same hospital where I got my ankle surgery on Friday September 28, 2012. I'll never forget that day. This time it brought back eerie memories. I was able to walk up the stairs this time to get to the entrance and not in crutches through the ramp and up the elevator. From my last posts, my visit to my surgeon Dr. Lundy wanted me to get an MRI to check out what kind of party my ankle's been having that's causing me to ache, limp, pinch, spasm, click, and get this hot/burning sensation inside my right ankle where the hardware is. 

After filling out my paper work, I was called in to remove all metal and clothes, and wear a gown. When I saw the machine, it brought me back memories of when I got I concussion from snowboarding back in 2008 and had to get an MRI then. Because I had some hardware in my ankle, the test would take a bit longer to process. The entire session took about 45 minutes of non movement. Luckily I had a choice to listen to music. They only had 2 options, Classical or Pop/Rock which I chose. A few times I almost fell asleep but the noise was so loud. I also was glad to have asked for a blanket that was heated prior. It wasn't bad at all, I did well and did not move one bit!

I came home and my ankle felt achy today. It did click, feel hot, and looks a bit swollen. I actually felt the inflammation on the and around the inside of my ankle. You can actually see the little bulge on the right in the picture below. It just made me tired. Next I'll have to make an appointment to get myself back into Physical Therapy! I'll be back with more updates. Sigh, felt like I'm going backwards... So sad. =(


  1. Hi Jen.How are you?I broke my ankle 25 days ago playing football and yesterday I went to the doctor to change my cast.Did your doctor cut the first cast off and the put you a different cast on your leg?Take care.

    1. Hi alex21, sorry to hear about your ankle. They put a splint on my ankle for a few days until surgery and then put a splint back on after surgery. About a week after, then I got a real cast. The cast was on til ready to take off months later. I hope you heal fast! Take care too! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your well wishes.How many weeks did you have the real cast on your leg?I wanted a blue cast but they gave me a white plaster.Was your one a plaster too?