Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2 years 1 month - Ankle's sore from standing for 40 minutes!

Friday, October 24, 2014 

I went to a preseason Golden State Warriors game with coworkers to line up at the Oakland Oracle Arena for a Stephen Curry bobble head! I know if I stand still for a bit too long my ankle starts to feel a bit stiff. So I did a few stretches here and there every 5 minutes or so.

It was my very first bobble head! Waited in line and stood still for 40 minutes and the line finally started to move. It was an exciting game! The final score is Golden State Warriors 119 to Denver Nuggets 112! I woke up the next day sore! No pain, and felt tired. 


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  2. Hi, me again :)
    I was wondering with regard to this subject you are talking about on you last blogs. It's been almost 4 months since I started with my physiotherapy sessions and although I do see a lot of improvement there is no way I do not feel my foot. Every time when I start walking those first few steps (5 or so) are very difficult, I cannot walk for longer than 6 blocks without my foot getting super tired. I am glad to read that you reach a moment (though some situations might be different like this event) when you did not feel your foot anymore, I was wondering how is that you felt it back then.
    Also, what type of shoes do you use on daily basis? I am still wearing my running shoes cause they are soft but I'd like to use a more 'proper' shoe and I wonder which ones are good for ankle support and general comfort. Thanks a lot again! You have made my journey much more pleasant!

    1. Hi M! =)
      I wen't on vacation the day you wrote. Just got back! It sounds very familiar for the first few months. It was slow and difficult for me as well at month 4. Don't be too anxious and over do it. I was a bit anxious and hurt myself a bit by walking a little too long. At month 4, I was still limping too. As of right now, I know it's there. Not feeling it now means that I'm probably so use to it being there it's like it's not there anymore. Became part of me.

      At the time, I found a soft fabric sport shoe to wear which fit the ankle brace I was given to wear as well. I wore a lot of workout clothes so I was in walking shoes often. Made sure I had as much support and comfort as possible. I guess it's up to you to try out shoes that fits your comfort. Good luck! I hope you find something comfortable! Thanks for writing! It makes me happy to hear I'm not alone!