Saturday, March 22, 2014

1 year 5 months - First time back at Yoga!

Friday, March 21, 2014 

My first Yoga class since I broke my ankle! I took a picture of my scar, the very bottom was itchy last night. A little bit of the scar part was raised where it was itchy. I was told this would happen once in a while and that it was normal. I had dry legs, got a bit of a tan too. Looks uneven and dirty haha. I swear my legs were clean.

I went to my 5:30 pm class and met my teacher with the best name ever! Bija Pretzel! Love it! She was very kind and welcoming. I also got a new yoga mat my mom gave me. It looks really pretty and so different from the usual yoga mats I've owned before. 

This was a Level I-II class, where I can return to the fundamentals of yoga.  I was most nervous about the balancing poses. I can't completely cross my legs comfortably anymore, my ankle feels like it's still a bit stiff to bend all the way down where the ankle meets the floor. I definitely feel the metal against the ground and it wasn't comfortable. Probably still not use to it. I sat like this example picture but my right leg was slightly higher and off the ground. 

I was surprised I was able to hold a bit of balance when I did the tree pose like the example image below. I was feeling ok with the weight baring. Except that my foot was more on the knee area and not as high up the leg to hold this position. I did get a bit wobbly. It took a lot of concentration. 

The one legged stand was the most difficult for me to balance. I couldn't hold it for too long and my body started to feel heavy on the ankle. Example of this pose below. For the most part, I felt great! I can't wait to go back for my next class. I hope to gain more balance by the end of my 20 classes from this Groupon deal I purchased. I'll be sure to have more updates soon after my next classes. So relaxing!

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