Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2 years 4 months - Ice Skating Work Holiday Party, and I can't Ice Skate! Sad =(

Tuesday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year!

My work had our Holiday Party at S.F. Union Square Ice Skating Rink, private party with food, alcohol, and Photo Booth! It was so much fun!

I was so excited about Ice Skating and immediately thought, it's a bad idea. I knew that wearing the shoe would feel weird and not comfortable at all. But I had to sign my life away to get some ice skating shoes to try on anyways to see how it felt. I reallllly wanted to ice skate! I was so hopeful! So I put on the right shoe and got in fine. Once I tied up the shoe laces, it was no good. I was so sad haha. The shoe against the metal did not feel good at all. It was a bit painful and so uncomfortable. I couldn't even move. So I took them off and returned the shoes.

At least I got to try on the shoes. So I just watched my coworkers skate... Another coworker who had the same surgery on the right ankle with the same amount of metal and close to 9 nails like mine was able to skate fine! But his surgery was done over 10 yrs ago. I'm at 2 years and I guess I'll have to wait and see years from now how I'll feel. Still hopeful and still nervous with every sport right now. Until then...


  1. Hi there! It's been a while. How are you doing? Over here doing some progress still. I got back to the gym and to my normal activities, it does feel stiff once in a while, for sure after a period of important activity if I rest for a few minutes to start moving again, wow, that is difficult. Sounds familiar?
    I was wondering, have you considered removing the hardware? What are your thoughts on this? I have no particular problem with mine, only if I hit it in a particular spot it feels weird, but for the rest no issues with any type of shoes, etc. I wonder however if it might become worse in some way as I get older, cause such a surgery the earlier the better I guess, I dont want to have to consider it when I am 70 or so :D .. anyway, just rambling here :)
    Talk to you soon! Marina.

  2. Hi Marina! I'm doing well thanks! I see you're feeling better and progressing well, that's great! The stiffness sounds very familiar. I did a lot of tip toes and squats anytime I stand, and while sitting I did a lot of ABCs with my toes which helped over time. I can't stand still for too long or it'll freeze up.
    I have thought about removing the hardware. Yes! I also thought bout what would it be like when I do get to 70 too and having to deal with it then! I have contemplated and decided to not remove it. I am just very scared of surgery, the unknown, risks again, going under again, just freaks me out. I was told if it doesn't bother me, no need to remove it. I was also told, remove it while young, but it'll take a good month or two on crutches again for it to heal. But after removing it, you'll still feel the arthritis, etc. Just that the discomfort of the metal won't be there anymore. But it also means healing all the tissue inside all over again. I guess I'll deal with it when I do get old. It doesn't bother me enough to have it removed and staying away from surgery.
    I have 2 coworkers and a friend who've had the same surgery and still have their metal inside their ankle. One's an older gentleman and I see him wearing an ankle brace at the office but not all the time. He appears to be walking fine but it bothers him sometime. My other younger coworker in his 20s has had it over 10 years, and he was able to skate fine. My friend who's also had the surgery for over 10 years was able to snowboard again. So far so good.
    But some days, I do think about removing it because I feel the cold or rain coming. I know I am still in the healing stage so I don't know. My turn to ramble haha.
    Take care and keep at working out. It makes all the difference later, you'll see. Massaging helped me to, like when you're tired by the end of the day. I also elevated it a lot when I went to bed. Made sure no blood rushed down there in case you're afraid it would get swollen after a tiring day. Best of luck! Jenny