Friday, May 23, 2014

1 year 7 months - 1 year Physical Therapy Anniversary!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy 1 year Physical Therapy Anniversary to me!!! 

I can't believe I forgot to write my 1 year Physical Therapy Anniversary on May 7th! 1 year flew by fast. I'm still within the month so it still counts! Yup, that plate and 9 screws is still inside this right ankle. The scar healed nicely, it lays over my hardware so close you can see the ridges of the nails from when you look at it a certain way. 

How I am feeling? For sure not 100% but still a healing process. As of the late few months, I've notice some random spasm pinches that stop me from walking for just a second. I am also noticing some clicking around the bottom of my ankle when I stretch, move a certain way, or when walking. I wonder if it's just the tissue inside that's healing. I also still get tired after walking for too long. It's really random, some times I'll get tired after just 30 minutes, and sometimes I'll last up to an hour before I start to slow down. And anything over hours, you can clearly see my slower pace and a baby limp. Then it feels hot and sore in the ankle. I have contemplated months ago for requesting for another handicap sign because it's a pain to carry my 35 lb. dog food and heavier bags of grocery days. Sometimes I wonder if the running aggravated, and stressed out my ankle. I stuck it out for a few more months, did more walking and still not much of a change. Maybe because I gained a few pounds too? Nooo..... I don't really know. I did schedule an appointment for a checkup with my Surgeon for next Friday to get an xray of my ankle to make sure nothing is loose and hoping it looks well. I have some questions of concern and wanted to see if it was even possible to get a handicap placard to make it easier for me.

I am sad to say that I have stopped running since the last time. I don't want to feel that uncomfortable feeling, being sore for days, and sometimes limping afterwards. I know I was gung ho and so excited at the beginning. But really I do feel like I have extended myself a bit then when I was just started out. I have since picked up yoga and it's really helping me build back my balance on this ankle. Very slowly but surely getting there. I have to be diligent about going to yoga classes often enough in a week to continue the strengthening of my ankle. The teachers are so kind and helpful in making sure I am safe and not in pain. I will be sure not to push myself too far or get too excited with poses like I did with running and over extending my capabilities. I I am starting to love yoga!

Most importantly, I am happy to be walking! A coworker of mine just fractured his ankle and came to work with crutches and a walking boot. It brought back so many memories. Over time, it does get better. Last year I called it my hermit year because I was tired by 9 and became sort of anti social and focused on healing. This year I call it my YES year! It's time to get back on my feet, get out there and do more activities. I continue to do some of the physical therapy exercises. Aiming to eat healthier, and getting in shape so I can one day again try running! I am getting older and need to take care of my body. I am very excited for the next year! I just have to stay focused, keep going, and staying positive along the way! I wonder what I'll accomplish by next year. I'll be back in a year!

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