Saturday, May 31, 2014

1 year 7 months - Check up with Dr. Lundy!

Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm back for a check up! I called in because I was concerned about my ankle being more tired lately, spasms, clicking, and aching. I also mentioned I couldn't carry more than about 35 lbs of dog food when I do shop. I think it was all because of that last time I ran on cement at Lake Merced. It was a few months back and noticed my ankle hasn't been great like it was before then. I tried waiting in out to see if it improved. Then noticed all this weirdness happening.

It was great to see Dr. Lundy and everyone in the office again. Everyone's so nice and attentive as always. I feel very welcomed and made sure I was taken care of. He seemed a bit sad and it made me said to hear that I was his star healer and was doing so great when I graduated PT. 

Dr. Lundy checked my ankle, watched me walk, tip toe, twist it from left to right, and felt the clicking/popping. The clicking sounded like it could be the tendons. I asked about the random heat I feel and it was inflamation. So he sent me to get xrays to double check to see if everything is still in tact. I got to keep the xray CD! I got so excited haha.

It was so funny, I freaked when I saw the 3rd xray and asked why it was floating. Then Dr. Lundy showed me the next middle xray. Said that it was what was holding the fracture site together. The other nails on top and below were for extra support. Everything looks great and the very bottom of the hardware maybe what's irritating me. Moving my tendons and so it can cause clicking. 

I said that I had quit running all together. I'm now only doing stationary biking and yoga. Next I have an MRI this coming Thursday and being sent back to Physical Therapy. I'll be back for a follow up in a few weeks! 

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