Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 5 - Dead Skin is falling off!

Monday, Nov. 26, 2012 - Week 9

I just got out of the shower and see that more of the dead skin and scabs continue to fall off! The burning sensation is also gone! I thought that would never end, got me scared. It's looking better every day it passes. This is without lotion on. Still you can see some dryness. A good layer of the dead skin on the top of my foot has fallen off. My surgical incision is looking better by the day! I'm just waiting for the dried blood still left to fall off. My skin still feels very sensitive and thin. The area with a bit of a rash is looking less red and inflamed. More of the dead skin on that area has also fallen off. I am also able to stand without crutches! I can support myself up on the balls of my feet. I still am not fully able to place full weight on the foot. I can place some weight on the heel and the balls of my foot but not then entire foot down. I still have some swelling and pressure when I do place my foot down. I am also not able to bend my foot with toes all the way up. The top arch is still stiff and I am massaging it everything and slowly assisting the bending with my hands to get my muscles use to bending again. I did make a call to try to get my first appointment in for Physical Therapy but all it was was an answering machine. I will wait 'til tomorrow for them to call back.

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