Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 49 - Tenth Physical Therapy Session

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013 - Week 15

I felt good waking up this morning. Not as stiff as usual. I got around without using crutches! One of the crutch is in the car and the other one is downstairs in the living room. I'm getting around slowly. I made it to my 9:15am appointment with Serena for some land physical therapy. I only wore my neoprene brace to physical therapy and kept it off the rest of the day. She sees that I am doing well and can walk without my one crutch I brought! I got the usual measurements before and after the warm up stretches and massage. This time, the massage on the top of my leg really made me sore. I was pretty stiff on the top of my leg this time. It felt sooo good after. I was really warmed up and walked with less of  a limp. We now started more balancing exercises. I stood on the half yoga ball to balance. Did the side steps, foot in front and back, walking in a straight line toe to heal and backwards, and finally the leg weight machine to push my body while bending knees. Serena watched me walk and reminded me to flex my upper legs when taking so I am more balanced. It's weird to have to relearn to walk. I just had to remind myself to flex and the limping sort of went away. I'm still a bit wobbly but getting there. She took a look at my scar and notice it fading away.

I've started using Cocoa Butter on my scar since last week. I'm still waiting for the darkest part of the scar to fade away. This was the part where it bled when the surgeon removed the dressing the day I got my cast taken off. I still use crutches or one crutch for longer walks to wherever I need to get to because it's just faster to get around with. I'll continue to use the chinese medicine grandma gave me. My next session will be in the Pool. I love it!

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