Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 56 - New Standing and Balancing Exercises!

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 - Week 16

I think I had a little too much fun being out and on my feet for too long on saturday for a few friend's 30th birthday. I have been sore ever since! It's a lot better today though. I've been using my one crutch and ankle brace for the extra support. Was feeling achy, bruised, tender, and the weird cold metal feeling. The best way to describe this feeling is like getting a shot of novacaine in your mouth. That instant pinch.

For the first time, a police officer came up to my parking spot and checked my handicap parking placard and my ID! I was able to get around without using my one crutch today in my session. Serena gave me a really good ankle massage this time. My measurements with the ankle bending up and down continue to improve. She's very impressed with my progress. Then she had me do more standing and balancing type exercises. She also looked at how I'm walking and correcting my steps by reminding me to use my thigh muscles to step fully and rolling off my foot from heel to toe when stepping. After the massage, I was able to walk with pretty much no limp! So exciting! Serena was very happy to see my progress. Next she had me walk up and down stairs. I was doing completely fine. Surprised how well I did, I even rolled my feet evenly stepping through each step. Then she had me try out the elliptical machine and I was so excited to find out I am ok with it. No pain!

Then she had me try this new exercise stretches using the TRX. This felt really good, got some good upper body workout too. After today, I was more sore then usual. Ended up limping a bit after my last exercise with the toe raises. Got some ice and off to work I went! I'll go home and continue my homework as well as using my Cocoa Butter on the scar and the chinese medicine my grandma gave me. I'm getting really close to walking without a limp!

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