Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 139 - Got an ankle massage using a Fibroblaster

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - Week 28

I woke up today still a bit sore from walking Pebbles at the beach this past weekend. I went to PT today and told Colleen that and she had me do a few exercises to see how my mobility was. We did a round of two feet hops and then single foot hops. I was able to do a few and no pinching feeling this time around. However, clearly I am still weak on the right leg. Next she had me remove my shoes to give me an ankle massage using a Fibroblaster to loosen up my tissue. I saw the tool and immediately thought what is this?! It looked like a sharp knife! What are you going to do to me? I joked to Colleen and asked if she was going to poke or cut me? Haha. It felt extremely weird when she went over the area where my metal is. I can feel the bumpy nails on my bones as she went over it with some pressure. It wasn't painful, but it was sort of a weird uncomfortable type of pressure that felt good at the same time. It made me sweat too haha! It is a tool for Physical Therapists, designed to reduce hand fatigue when giving massages. Once she was done, I did feel better and more mobile. I felt warmed up and was able to do my exercises with more ease and less stiffness. I felt great! She said to go ahead and massage my ankle before doing my exercises to warm it up.

Next, Colleen had me go over some of my resistance rubber band side steps and forward steps. She taught me a new balance exercise to help improve my joint movement as well. One legged stands with the other knee lifted up to a 90 degree and rotating my entire hip from left to right and back. I definitely felt the pressure on each leg stand and my ankle began to feel hot and this burning sensation, also some pressure build up. I should lose some weight so I am not so heavy haha. This is a new exercise to add to my homework. 

Finally, as usual we end our session with the leg press machine. This machine will control how much body weight I will be using for leg presses or whatever other types of exercises I will do on it. She taught me 2 new exercises to add on to the days I am able to go in to use the gym myself after work. She said just do 2 sets of each every other day. One of them were one legged alternating jumping/prancing and rest for a minute. Second one was to do 2 legged even jumps. This is done to build up my leg strength to actually do real jumps with my 100% body weight. I hope I don't get anymore of these pinching type feelings, it is very uncomfortable. That 5% of immobility can cause issues and will tire me which is expected. Colleen said if it bothers me enough to a point where I am unable to do my day to day things, I can request to have the hardware removed. It appears I should be fine and surprisingly do not swell up. She mentioned that some patients do still swell at 9 months. I'm at my 6 month and a week and my ankle looks completely fine. I wonder if the Chinese medicine had anything to do with it. I will see how I feel in a few months. However, she did say I am healing faster then she expected and progressing very nicely. She is very confident. She think's this is still early for running and believe I should be fine later as I heal up and am ready. This is also the first time I left my PT session without any ice!

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