Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 156 - First Running Progression Exercise Homework

Thursday, April 25, 2013 - Week 30

Every thursday is gym time at my friend's apartment. This is the first time I did my Running Progression exercise homework! I was so excited and curious to how long I will last on the treadmill. At PT 2 days ago, I was only able to run 2 minutes of my walking/running intervals. So I began my warm up with a 4 minute walk at 3.0 speed. I started my running for a minute at that point and alternating walking/running every minute until I hit my 15 minute point. That's when I started to feel more tired. At that point I have done a total of 6 minutes of running and felt a quick tiny pinch on the top of my foot, oddly not the ankle bottom area where I'd expect it. From 15 minutes on, I  extended my walking to 2 minutes in between my 1 minute jogs at 4.2 speed. I started to feel heavy and the top and inside foot ankle area started to feel pressure and some snapping/crunching type feeling. I was not in pain! No painful pinch or discomfort. I just felt heavy and small bits of pressure build up in my runs. I finally stopped running at 27 minutes. That's a total of 10 minutes of running! I was afraid to do more because I really did start to feel tired and noticed a bit of limping in my strides. I notice my duck waddling pace too as I progressed in my running. It took me by surprise that I was able to do more then the 2 minutes. I guess it's because I ended my PT session with the run after about 30 minutes of other exercises prior. I was so happy to have made it that far!

After that last round of running I continued to walk at 3.0 speed for another 13 minutes. At this point I was getting really tired and ended at 42 minutes. I was so amazed to see I was able to walk in a fast pace for that long. I'm just so happy and excited to be able to get back into running finally! 

For the next hour, I spent my time working out on other machines and the seated stationary bicycle. It was a very good workout day. Surprisingly my ankle felt fine! Just tired but not achy at all. I'll see how I feel tomorrow!

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