Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family came to visit me...

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012 - Week 1

I wake up to pain! Constant pain! I needed to take my pain meds. My toes appeared to be swollen and felt the throbbing inside my cast. I just wanted the pain to go away...

Soon after waking up, my family came by to visit me. I still didn't tell my grandparents that I had surgery, I didn't want them to worry too much because they're old. Only my aunts knew.

It felt so weird to have them surround my bed. My grandma looked so sad and all I can say is I'm fine and it doesn't hurt. Then my grandpa started to joke around and said he'd punch it to fix it faster. Haha, it got rid of the awkwardness. It was very nice to see everyone. =) They brought over a ton of food and my mom stayed to help clean the house and played with my dog Pebbles.

I remember once I got home yesterday, Pebbles smelled my splint cast and knew I was injured and not feeling well. She was very gentle, looked very sad, and was quiet around me. Dogs and their senses, I thought it was very sweet.

I loved that everyone was so positive around me and wished me to heal fast and well. My mom at first was just upset and complained how I can't and won't be able to do anything. I told her it didn't help that she kept saying all these negative things and all I need now is to hear the positives. It's already done and there's nothing I can do but to rest and heal. She finally stopped the negativity after a day!

Pain meds were making me so drowsy. I had to keep taking it because the pain was just constant. I did notice it getting better as time went by. I was in and out of sleep throughout the night. I was actually well enough to start work the next day.

I am so happy my work is so flexible with me staying home to work while I heal. I am suppose to keep my foot elevated as much as I can to keep the swelling down.

Friday will be my first followup with my surgeon!

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