Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leaving the hospital!

Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012 - Week 1

I'm excited to be able to go home today!

I was in and out of sleep throughout the night because of the IV hydrating me just a bit too much and the nurse coming in a few times to check on my vital signs.

8am came and my morning nurse came to greet me. My night nurse has been so sweet and attentive. I felt very taken care of and comfortable. I was not one bit nervous staying the night. I thought I'd be scared to stay there alone but the night went by really fast with the TV on. I did my deep breadth breathing exercises and snacked on some moon cake my mom gave me from the night before.

8:30am and it was time to order breakfast. The nurse notified me that my physical therapist and surgeon would stop by to check on me and teach me how to use crutches correctly before releasing me.

9:30am, my Physical Therapist appeared and I was just starting my breakfast and can only take in oatmeal. I felt very drowsy with another dose of the pain meds. She wheeled me in on the wheel chair to the physical therapy room and she taught me how to go up and down stairs safely. Then my surgeon came and I was happy to see him! He said I looked well and signed me off to go home. YAY!

I started feeling drowsy as I was practicing going up and down those few steps. After a few rounds she wheeled me back to my room and said I was ready to go. It was pretty quiet on my floor and my nurse said I was one of the last 2 to be released for the day.

Once I got back to my room I felt tired and winded. Not having food for a day really just drained in addition to the pain meds. So the nurse suggested I take a nap before heading home.

12pm came and that 30 minute nap really helped me. I saw my brother and was sooo excited to be released! Packed up the rest of my food and got wheeled out to the exit and on my way home!

As soon as I got home, the pain meds were slowly wearing off and suddenly I felt the constant pain on my ankle. It was time to take my pain meds and rest. Since removing the IV, I can still feel a bit of the pain through the meds! Finally it kicked in and the pain was gone in time for me to sleep for most of the night.

More tomorrow....

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