Monday, October 29, 2012

New Fiberglass Cast

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 - Week 2

I am feeling better by the day! I've been so oddly excited to get a new cast!

11:30am appointment and ready to get this new cast. I was starting to get hungry and the receptionist had food catered to their office. She was so thoughtful and gave me a pot sticker. It was yummy.

I get in to see Dr. Lundy and off comes my splint cast. My leg can finally breathe! I was afraid it would stink but not at all! It felt really good to feel the air on my leg. It felt so free and just so good. I was excited to see what my ankle looked like. To my surprise, in just two weeks in a cast my calf has shrunk in half! No more muscle! It was almost the size of my upper arm! My ankle still appears to be swollen and he said this was normal and will continue to be swollen for a while. Also a bit of blue bruising happening on top of my foot. The dressing on the surgical cut looks good with no blood on it this time. Everything is looking great he says! However, I accidentally got a bit of my heel part wet from showering. My heel was moist and wrinkly, and had to wipe off some dead skin and let my heel dry before putting on the cast.

First he put on this long cotton sock up to my knee and then he wraps it with cotton padding. Then he wraps the wet strips around my entire bottom right leg and starts molding it to my ankle and foot. Making sure my foot is angled correctly in place. He made sure it wasn't too tight and patted it down to form and tighten. Then he started rubbing the exterior and this heat begins to rise. After this nice warm heat, shortly it starts to harden. Another round of this and my cast was done! It was very cool to watch this process. I was then sent to get another round of xrays to check the other side of the ankle where I had dislocated my ankle with torn ligaments to see if it had moved. This was his only concern and wanted to make sure my ankle hasn't moved so the ligaments will mend back in place.

Another fast round of xrays and I returned with a CD with pictures of my xrays. A quick check in again and my ankle appears in tact and another great follow up. The xrays look the same as the last one taken. I'm feeling even better every time I come back to see Dr. Lundy. He then prints me another printout of my xrays and scheduled me to come back in 2 weeks for another check up.

Dr. Lundy says I'll be in this cast for about 6 weeks and then a walking boot. I'm just counting down the days now!

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