Monday, October 29, 2012

Follow Up Appointment

Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 - Week 1.5

It's October and I made it through the week and went to my first follow up!

1pm was my scheduled appointment time. It was the day to change my dressing and to get an xray to see how the hardware looked on my ankle!

The staff at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. I was directed to my room and waited to see my surgeon. Dr. Lundy knocked on my door and welcomed happily me. I was excited and nervous to see him! He quickly showed me a tiny xray he took the day of surgery to show me what was put on my ankle. I was just so shocked to see how big it was! Then it was time to check my surgical cut and to change my dressing. He slowly removed my splint cast and unwrapped the inside bandage material. My ankle was so swollen it also swelled up my foot! I see my dressing and was amazed how long the surgical cut was. At least 4 inches!  There was some blood and he said it was normal and started to remove them one by one. The ones he removed at the end bled a bit and he said that it was normal. I immediately started to feel warm and had to take my sweather off. I felt a bit light headed and needed to drink some water. I guess seeing my ankle for the first time after surgery made me feel a bit woozy. He then replaced new ones and wrapped my back up with the cotton bandage then placed the half cast and splint back on. He then sent me to get some xrays just down the hallway and to return to his office with the CD pictures they will give me once done. The only thing he was worried about was the gap on the other side of my ankle. He wanted to check if it still had a huge gap since it was dislocated. He was worried that my torn ligaments would be too far apart where he would need to see if he needed to readjust my ankle into place. I'm now a nervous wreck again because all I heard him say really was PAIN!

Off to get xrays! It went so fast, no lines and just had to register myself in and waited for 5 minutes to get into the xray room. I went into this huge xray room and took a few pictures in different angles. As I laid on the table, I can see the metal appear on the screen after each picture taken. It was oddly exciting to see. I was finally done and was sent back to Dr. Lundy's office with a CD of my xrays.

I'm back in Dr. Lundy's office and gave the receptionist my CD. I'm then sent back to my room and he comes in with his laptop. Enlarged on his screen were my xrays! I stared with my eyes wide and mouth open! I couldn't believe what I saw! I said it looked like a comb, or a caterpillar! He said everything looks great! There seems to be no more gap and that the bones looked and close and tight together and back to normal! It was great news! No need to readjust my ankle! I was sooo happy to hear!

He sent me off with a printout of my xray to show off to my family and friends what is now in my ankle. A plate with 9 screw! I left and immediately texted this image to my friends. One hilarious response I got back was "Nice Nails!" haha. 

My next follow up I will be getting a new fiberglass cast!

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