Monday, October 29, 2012

My swelling has gone down!

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012 - Week 3

I can finally see gaps between my toes! The Swelling is going down finally! My cast feels a bit looser and I am feeling better as each day passes. However, I do feel random spasms, weird sharp, prickly, stabbing, spicy, hot, cold, and throbbing type pain. When I'm on my crutches and moving around a lot, I also notice my leg and toes start to turn purple/blueish color.

I can see now why Dr. Lundy say to bring along with me my pain meds when I'm out. There is a lot of discomfort and pain. Not so much the pain I mean, it's just a lot of pressure I feel when it's not elevated. The blood rushes down and starts to cut off circulation to the ankle and my toes begin to heat up and swell. Since pain meds make me so nauseous, I have stopped taking them since 2 days out of surgery. I think I can take pain pretty well and it's not painful enough to take the meds.

I've also started to feel a bit itchy inside the cast. I've been reading online to learn more about my injury and learned that I should not stick anything inside my cast to scratch my itch or it can injure my leg inside or break the cast. I have to just try to ignore it.

I look forward to my next follow up appointment next Thursday!


  1. Hi! I have a question, did you break your ankle or dislocate it? I recently dislocated my left ankle and I can't seem to find anything online about someone else going through what I'm going through. It'd be nice if you could reply :)

  2. Hi Tania, I hope you heal fast! I broke and dislocated my ankle. I may have posted the explanation in my very first post going into the hospital and explained what the doctor did. I was given morphine first before the doctor popped my ankle back in place. That caused the tearing of the ligaments around my ankle. The surgeon saidbwhile in surgery he would be avke to seebif he needed to reattach my ligaments whuch didnt happen. So it healed by utsekf in time. I have torn ligaments and fractured this same ankle before and it takes longer to heal ligaments. So I had to be patient and with care for it to heal. I hope this helps. All the best to you!