Monday, October 29, 2012

First day out with my new cast

Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 - Week 2

My first day out with my new cast! I finally left my room and my bed! It was definitely more comfortable to sleep with a cast on because I felt my safe and it also felt my snug on. My ankle felt very protected! It is very hard and can get heavy when I'm moving around.

My ankle felt swollen still, my toes appeared to be swollen still as well. My loving friends decided to pick me up to have dinner at a friends house just to get me out of my house. I've been cooped in my room and working from home since. Being out of the office was nice too. I get to work in bed everyday and watch TV! So far I have not gotten bored or depressed as some said many people get to that point while in a cast. I do feel bad for asking people to help me do things though. Something I am adjusting to.

Once we got to our friends house, I had to crutch up a good flight of stairs. I was so tired already and felt like I was sweating up a storm.

My friends cooked up a crazy night of Ribs and Crab feast. Well, I had to restrain myself from eating any shellfish or red meat. My mom says it's poison to healing bones and things injured inside my body. It will slow down the healing if i eat these things so I listened and did not eat any of it! It was still a great night to spend with friends and to be out of my house.

I'm out and happy! Not vegetating in bed! I did notice my toes starting to swell more and the discomfort feeling around my ankle from not elevating it. 

I had a great night but felt discomfort and extremely tired from getting around.  

Thanks friends for taking me out! 

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