Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 16 - Fourth Physical Therapy Session

Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 - Week 10

Happy Friday! I come in for the usual ankle and leg massage which feels really good. There were new measurements made on how far I can bend my foot up and down. It seems to be getting stronger everyday. I really do feel it. Exercises really do help. As long as I keep using my foot more to walk with crutches. I continue to massage my ankle when I'm home. Maybe the chinese medicine is working too? Serena, my Physical Therapist, started to move my ankle from side to side. I am able to move it more then how it was just a few days ago when I was in. We started to take measurements on the side ankle movements. My scar is healing nicely and my skin is getting better! My new skin is so smooth, tight around the surgical incision area. As instructed, I'll continue to massage around it to loosen up the dead tissue below it so when I walk and bend my foot, it wouldn't feel so tight.

I will continue my usual exercises like the ones below. ABC's with my toes and moving the ankle only, not the leg. 

At the beginning, when I did hip raises I really felt the pressure on my right ankle. My heel is much stronger now and I can lift my hips with ease now. No pain! The balls of my feet are still just a tiny bit sensitive with a bit of pressure. I started out with my right leg closer to me and the left leg further out so it's working out my right injured ankle more. Today, Serena had me try to lift one leg up at a time. I was surprised I can actually do that. She's also taught me a few new isometrics. Building strength on my ankle muscles now. It appears I've bruised and torn ligaments on both sides of my ankle which will take a while to heal. I feel like it's getting closer to the day I will drive again. Good news though. I can start pool classes this coming MONDAY! 


  1. It’s good to see you getting better. Proper healing takes time. I hope after so many years of surgery, medicine and therapy sessions, your ankle is finally restored to perfect health. How are you doing now?

    Yevette Behnke @ U.S. HealthWorks

    1. Hi Yevette!

      Thanks for your sweet comment. It will never feel perfect again I feel like right now. It's because it's the second time I've broken this same ankle except that it's more severe this time with surgery. I had a lot of torn tissue and ligaments all around the ankle. I am still healing I feel like and adjusting. Sadly I've stopped running, it's a too uncomfortable and I limp afterwards. I am getting a check up soon. I feel random spasms and some clicking, kind of like when you crack your knuckles. It's weird. I do still get tired when I walk for too long. I'll be sure to update with a new post soon! Thanks again!

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