Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 35 - Graduated to using one crutch!

Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012 - Week 13

Today marks my 8th physical therapy session. I woke up early, felt great, and drove myself to physical therapy for my 9am appointment! What a great Christmas gift to myself! I felt completely fine. I arrived 15 minutes early and enough time to warm up on the bike. Serena, my physical therapist, started me on standing exercises. More stretches using the rubber band, massage, and stepping on the half yoga ball balancing. Again, more measurements to see how much I have improved on my movement and still the side to side movements are still not quite there yet and stiff. Then she asked me how much I'm walking, and wanted to see me walk. Said that I may try one crutch so she can see how well balanced I am. You can definitely still tell my leg is weak, but I can put about 80% weight on the foot and walking quite well. She graduated me to using 1 crutch in non busy areas! If I do go to the mall, I should use 2 crutches to be safe. I'm so excited! First the driving, now the 1 crutch! New years is next Tuesday, I wonder how well I'll feel then. My goal to walk without crutches is near. Almost there!

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