Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 9 - Second Physical Therapy Session

Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 - Week 9

It's been 9 days since my cast came off! I am feeling well, and no pain at all. Just still some pressure when I place my foot down on the ground. I am stepping my foot down more and walking with crutches. I still can't fully put weight on it. I feel the bruising sore stiffness on the top of my foot where the torn ligaments are. I am feeling better everyday. My skin does look better and the surgical incision is almost completely healed! It still feels sensitive with a bit of dry skin. I will continue to lotion and massage my ankle bring back feelings to my muscles and nerves. 

Today is my 2nd Physical Therapy session. Serena is my new PT moving forward due to the time I have available to go in. She was great! I loved her. She was more aggressive with my stretches and taught me quite a few more new exercises to do at home. I got the usual leg and ankle massage which felt really relaxing and good. She said that my surgical incision looked really well and healing fast. On my file, Colleen (my first PT) wrote down that I had no restrictions. As long as I am comfortable, I can continue to work on my walking. In about 2 weeks, Serena said she would like me to go into the pool and start walking in water. I'm so excited! She added 2 more ankle exercises to do at home. 

Using a towel to stretch is helping my foot movement to improve everyday. I am getting closer to being back to normal. However, I still feel the stiffness and pressure from the torn ligaments. I feel a really good stretch doing this one.

Scrunching my toes to grab my bed sheets is good for working on my arch and the bottom of my foot. I can definitely feel the muscles pulling all the way up to my ankles. It feels really good.

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