Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 19 - First Pool Class

Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 - Week 11

I was so excited to start my first Pool Class! I got in to get ready for my 11:30am class. Right when I got in, two very nice assistants showed us the way to the pool. It was so nice inside! There was a changing area, bathrooms, and showers. We were told to get into the pool to wait for our teacher. It was nice and warm in there. I was told to stay on the right hand side of the pool because it was deeper. That meant less weight on my foot so there's no pain. I was excited to see assisting walking bars under water and to the side. I felt very safe. Serena who's been helping me is also the teacher for this class which I'm happy about. She walks in shortly and we start with a warm up to walk around the pool.

It felt soooo good to be able to walk without crutches for the first time since the day I got hurt about 2 months ago!!! I was so happy and everyone could tell. We had a small class, there were only 3 of us, Serena, and a student. Serena made sure to constantly check on each of our pain levels. I was completely fine. When I got to the left side, more shallow side, I felt the pressure coming onto my right ankle. Because of the shallow water, more of my weight was used. I thought maybe I can do it but I was too ambitious and really felt the pressure on my ankle. Then Serena suggested me to go back and stay in the right side for my safety and to not push myself. We did quite a few exercises. Making sure we're not forcing our movements through the water, rather letting the body flow into the movement so we don't hurt ourselves. Then she turned on some classical music which was helpful to distract any type of discomfort we had. It was just enough time in the pool, my fingers were actually starting to prune after about 45 minutes haha. Class came to an end and we were given a towel and a plastic bag for our wet bathing suits. They even turned on the hot showers for us to rinse off. Everyone's so nice and attentive, Serena constantly asked to make sure we were ok and not in pain. When we got out of the pool, they covered our shoulders to make sure we weren't cold. I had a lot of fun in the pool today. I'm very excited and look forward to my next pool class!

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