Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 30 - New Rubber Band Stretching Exercises!

Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 - Week 12

I can't believe it's been about a month since I got my cast off. How time flies!

I came in for my regular gym physical therapy session. I did the usual exercises, got my massage, and ankle movement measurements. It's improving! I'm now more flexible, and able to place more weight on the foot. I'm bearing about 75-80% weight on the right ankle now. Almost graduated to using one crutch but not quite there yet. You can still see me leaning a bit on the left side for support when using just one crutch. I've started a new standing exercise to stretch out my calves and walking step movements. I've also started a new rubber band stretch where I take steps into the stretch as if I am driving. Driving! That word just makes me soooo happy. I feel like I can and it looks like I have enough movement on my ankle to do so.

Since I have been going into work twice a week after my physical therapy sessions, I've been doing a lot of these ankle heel lift exercises. Walking a lot more with crutches really help with getting my foot use to stepping fully again to walk. I feel the improvements everyday. Less pressure on the balls of my foot now and getting more flexible with the up and down motion. As for the side to side motion, I notice turning my ankle in I can feel the pull bruised feeling on the outside of my ankle just below and around the ankle area. When I turn my foot out, I'll feel the bruise, but less bruising pull feeling on the insides of my ankle just below and a bit on top of the foot. There is also a weird clicking my therapist says could be my tendons rubbing against my bone. Well see how I feel in a few days, I may attempt driving!!! The therapist said it should be ok and be careful! Update soon! 


  1. Just continue to do these routines and I'm sure your ankle will heal in no time! For the meantime, do not do anything strenuous that could stress out your injured ankle. Congratulations on your recovery!

    Gwen Knight

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  3. Dealing with injuries, especially ankle injuries, need a lot of therapy. But as I continued reading your blogs, I’m glad that you’ve recovered from the injury. Just be careful with any physical activity that might hurt your ankle again. By the way, you have a lovely dog! :)

    < Sienna Christie >

  4. Thank you for the kind words Sienna! I am finally able to walk my dog, she's very happy =)